Saturday, September 3, 2011

and then there's those Disneyland photos

As far as I'm concerned no trip to Disneyland is complete until I've put all my wonderful memories into a scrapbook.

If you're a scrapbooker like me you're always on the lookout for new layout ideas and tips. These are a few of my favourite layouts & some photo organization tips that I use to keep my Disneyland scrapbook stress to a minimum.

I am an avid photographer. Dorothy likes to tease me that my camera is just an extension of my body. She's not far from the truth. The trouble with this is that before I know it I have taken over 600 photos in just five days! Fortunately for me we now are in a digital age and I can easily pick & choose my favourites. I keep all the photos I've taken but I make a file called "Not Using" and transfer any photos that I don't feel are "scrapbook worthy" into this file. After that I divide my photos into themes or colour schemes like this one called "Make it Pink". (left) 

Often I will choose to journal first and then pick one or two photos to go with the story. I know journalling is a scary word for a lot of scrapbookers out there but I dare you to give it a try. This layout (right) is an example of two photos enhancing the story instead of the other way around. Or if you have a photo editing program on your computer you can journal right on the photograph (left), print it as a 8x10 and you have an instant layout done in just a few minutes!

One small drawback (if there is such a thing) to visiting the Magic Kingdom so many times is that our photos tend to start looking the same. I mean how many pictures can you really have of the Matterhorn? So on our last trip together we decided to give ourselves each a particular subject to look for and photograph. Dorothy's subject was rabbits and mine was apples. We had a lot of fun with this new type of treasure hunt, almost like searching for hidden Mickeys, and we were surprised how well we did.

One of the best things about a trip to Disneyland is enjoying those photos & memories over and over again and I hope that you found some of these ideas helpful.